Monday, September 5, 2016


People didn't see...  People didn't know.. im in pain... my heart aches... i cried myself to sleep every night... i put up a brave face... every morning.. deal with whatever that is given to me.. endure what needs to be endure... but im in pain.. i seek for support..for a shoulder to cry on... but I didn't find any... they say that people you love.. is the people who will hurt you the most... its true... i tried to be the best that i can be.. as supportive as i can when it comes to being there for other people... but why is it that when it comes to me... the person that i seek comfort,love and support is the one who destroyed me.... who broke my heart... who caused me to cried myself to sleep every night. Why.. im in pain.. i thought i can handle it.. but i was wrong... I can't... it hurts too much... im falling to pieces... I've become someone else.. im not the person i used to be.. i fell hollow inside.. like there's nothing left.. im in pain..

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