Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


hye guys...

aku kan... 

saya kan... 

i kan...





happy lah!



Thursday, December 8, 2011

when i'm in love...

I wished for nothing beyond his smile,


and to walk with him thus, 

hand in hand, 

along a sun-warmed, 

flower-bordered path.


Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Love again...

some people just don't understand what is was like to be filled with a love so strong that it made your chest ache, a love you could only feel and not express..

keeping love buried was a lot like keeping anger pent up, i'd learned. It just ate you up inside until you wanted to scream or kick something!!


Saturday, September 17, 2011

senyum.. tak perlu kata apa2... bhahahaha...

 tajuk xbole blah.. wakakakakaa....

i met someone today.. someone with the cutest smile ever... i haven't seen a smile like that for a long time... kadang2.. ade sesetengah orang.. bile asek senyum2.. nampak macam pervert.. tapi not him... walaupon he can't seems to stop smiling.. xnampak macam gatal pon..comel lagi ade.. it was really cute.. hahahha... 

 (not this little cute boy..sekadar gambar hiasan)

as for me, walaupon perot asek protes je dari tadi sebab banyak sangat makan ketika beraye.. tapi.. muke ceria habis.. aku plak yang tak bole stop smiling... berjangkit pulak... hahahha... thanx patemoi.. i had a great time today.. it was really fun..(walaupon langsong x kenal tuan rumahnye..)

(sume buruk.. bwu adil.. hahaha)

p/s: danial bawak kete macam orang dikejar hantu.. scary.. kecot2 prot aku..

yours trully,

Sunday, September 11, 2011


The friend who can be silent with us in a moment of despair or confusion, who can stay with us in an hour of grief and bereavement, who can tolerate not knowing... not healing, not curing... that is a friend who cares..

p/s: to my friends...


Saturday, September 10, 2011

sick masochistic me..

once, i promised myself that i will never shed a tears because of you.. and i didn't... but now.. i just can't help it... it hurts.. i loved you.. and the fact that its over between us, doesn't mean that i can turn it off just like that..

i never thought that you can still hurt me like this....  it's been years.. but i can never get over you..  i thought i don't love you anymore.. but then, why does it hurts so bad when i saw you with someone else... i don't want you... i don't need you to hurt me... i've done quite a good job doing it myself.. 

haih... stupid me.. believe me.. i'm completely aware of that.. but i just can't get rid of you.. you're always there.. even if you're not.. one day,  i hope i can find someone who will completely erase you from my system... 

my love life sucks!! but thankfully.. my life isn't as bad... i have a beautiful family and friends to keep me sane... and i love them for that... as for you... do whatever you want with her... just try not to rub it on my  face.. 

yours trully,

Thursday, September 8, 2011

what have i done... huh...

i really shouldn't have done that... 

you are my friend.. 
i never think of us that way
but, i can never tell u that.. 
because you're so nice to me..
now, i feel so bad...
and i hate myself..

haih... shepah.. ape ko nie...

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

perhatian kepada pemilik nama: IZATTY NURUL AMIRA BINTI SUHAIMI...

this entry is fully dedicated to my best friend Izatty Nurul Amira binti Suhaimi 
who just turned 20 recently..

izatty, thanx 4 being the coollest friend anyone could ever ask for.. i love you so damn much because u listen to me when others don't..  care for me when others just simply couldn't care less.. stay with me when others walked away.. and accepting me the way i am when others can't.. i can never thank u enough for putting up with all my stupid craps... thanx for willingly listen to me rambling and whining about life on the phone for hours in the middle of the night without complaining and actually sounds convincingly excited.. 
(i know i am extremely annoying)...

thanx for watching Transformers with me when i know that u really wanted to watch Harry Potter.. (see.. how selfish i am?) 
but still.. she loves me.. i know...

and you know what is the collest thing about izatty? 
(font merah menunjukkan betape seriusnye saye)

like seriously people...if i'm in Who Wants To Be A Millionaire she is the one i'm going to call with that lifeline..because she reads a lot.. she is the one who told me about every new events that happen in konoha.. hehehe.. she's a naruto freak! like the other day.. when we were watching Transformer.. seeing all those cars being blown up..
i'm like.." gile.. brape banyak kete michael bay letopkan la gaknye ek??" and just instantly, dengan muke selambe jawab..."lime ratus tige puluh due..(532).."and i'm like..."huhhh??"  but i'm not surprised... like i said, she knows everything.. hahaha..

 the other things that i love about her is that she never asked anything that i dont want to answer.. extremely understanding.. sangat understanding.. sampai bole paham ape yang aku cube cakap walaupon ayat aku serabot nak mamp... and so you know.. she is a very emotional girl.. if you dont know her.. you may think that i'm kidding.. but she cry easily.. just bukak cite hindustan dpn dye.. kompem.. meleleh2 bhai~~...xpyh hindustan la.. tgk sasuke pon boleh nangis... (T_T)"... 

hahaha...  and that is my izatty! love her the way she is.. 
she is a VVIP in my BFF list..

last but not least.. happy birthday izatty.. i hope u enjoyed every second of your amazing life. and just keep being yourself.. Please take a good care of yourself in UUM later.. If anything.. anthing ever happen or there is anything that you need.. let me know.. i'll do the best that i can to help... u deserved a happy vibrant life.. you belong in the world that is filled with joy... thanx for everything.... biu2... always have.. and always will... 

모든 주셔서 감사합니다 .. 당신이 사랑하는 누나!

same phone.. cool huh?

with love,

Thursday, July 14, 2011

confuse is my middle name...

i'm a little bit confused.. 

well, very confused actually..

 do i love  you? 

or just love the idea of loving you?

p/s: i hate my heart!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

quote of the day..

Envy is the art of counting the other fellow's blessings instead of your own...  

Friday, July 1, 2011

the joy of being a kid..

hari nie.. aku sangat rindu dengan zaman kanak-kanak aku... serius beb.. meleleh air mata... teringat keriangan zaman kanak-kanak...

citenye camnie.. tadi aku lalu kat kawasan sungai tiram nie... tak taw lah batu berape... aku mmg tak peka langsung perihal geografi kampung sungai tiram nie..padahal dah dekat 10 tahun aku dok sini... well, anyway...  dalam perjalanan tu.. aku melihat keluar tingkap, nampak budak-budak berlari-lari bagai dikejar anjing gile... tapi tgk muka... senyum lebar... bile tengok betul-betul... hahaha.. rupe-rupenye... ade budak perempuan tgh mengejar mereka dengan selipar....hahahha.. klaka lah wey... tetibe.. teringat zaman kanak-kanak aku... 

mase kecik... sangat best... bile petang-petang je... dah redup sikit... mesti kuar.. dok kat dpn umah... konon-konon bagi signal kat kawan-kawan len yang sedang terjenguk- jenguk kat luar tingkap dgn anxious sambil berharap ade salah sorang akan kuar rumah dulu.. dah cukup orang.. semua akan plan nak main ape... tapi ikot musimla... kaw tgh musim layang-layang... semua mesti ade... kaw sape xdew tu.. ish... msti rase loser abes... kaw musim badminton... pantang ade kawasan lapang sket... semua akan jadi court...  kaw musim gasing je.. yang pompan mesti boring.. sebab xbest gle... yang paling aku suke.. musim layang-layang... dengan main baling selipar...

time musim layang-layang tu.. semua akan jumpe dekat padang... then ramai-ramai naikkan layang-layang masing-masing.. tapi nak men layang-layang kne ade team... at least 2 orang... sebab sorang kne naikkan... dan sorang lagi knela jadi kite runner kan... tlg lari dan pegangkan layang-layang tu... best sangat... sampaisekarang aku boleh ingat pemandangan nye... dalam 20 orang ade dkt padang yang penuh dengan layang-layang... yang bestnye... bukan budak-budak je yang men... orang-orang tue pon join jgak... tu yang lagi meriah... setiap kali ade budak yang baru join sampai.. mesti akan tanye.. "eh, layang-layang sape uh.. tinggi giler... terer r..." then orang yang punye pon.. tersengih-sengih bangge la... best lah...

lagi satu yang best.. musim main baling slipar... tapi kitorang slalu gune tin je... sebab sliper susah nak susun smule... tin lagi senang... tapi... kaw nak carik sliper yang nak baling orang tu... mmg kompem akan carik sliper jepun... sebab sangat berat kan... so.. kaw sape kne... peh.. memang kompem r nak meleleh weyh... tapi tahan je kan.. seb kaw nangis nnti.. dak-dak laki tak nak ajak main lagi..., tabahkan diri.. serious wey.. kaw main dengan pompan-pompan saje.. kompem x best... tak thrill... bile budak laki join... lagi meriah... sebab dorang ganas-ganas.. and agak terer jgak.. stiap kali aim.. mesti kne.. tak faham aku! hahaha.. yang paling aku suke sangat pasal permainan nie adelah.. bile tgh lari tu.. nak elak dr kne baling... hahaha... dye punye teruja... excitement dye... peh... adrenalin rush wey... takot... tapi teruja.. korang faham tak?? it's like.. your heart was pounding so fast that it makes you forget everything else... macam flying... best....sangat amat best... 

tulahkan..zaman kanak-kanak.. tak boleh nak ulang balik... yelah.. takkan bile dah tue-tue nie ko nak lari berkejar-kejaran sambil aim selipar kat muka masing-masingkan?? tak sopan.. tak sopan... 

but i cant help it.. i missed being a kid... seronokkkkk!!!!!!!! korang.. jomla main  baling selipar!!!!

p/s: pnah bace cite The Kite Runner??? best!! cube la..

with love,

Sunday, June 26, 2011


asalamualaikum... first of all...i would like to thank all awesome people yang sudi follow dan bace blog aku nie... thanx ya'll... i mean.. seriously... aku cakap dengan ikhlas dan penuh kasih sayang nie wey....hehehe.. ok.. let's begin...

this time...let's talk about hypocrite... ye.. hipokrit ye people..

 menurut kamus dewan 
hipokrit di definisikan sebagai orang yang berpura-pura berperangai (berkelakuan,bersifat,dll)  baik, orang yang memperlihatkan keadaan diri yang berlainan daripada yang sebenarnya, munafik. 

well, that's what they say.. but to me hypocrite is just stupid... some people just dumb enough to put so much effort to act like someone they're not  in order to hide who they really are or what they actually feel.. i mean, people.. come on.. if kau dah tau dan sangat amat tau sikap seseorang tu luar dalam.. it's like mencari justin beiber dikalangan orang negro lah wey.. senang sangat nak detect bile orang tu tgh ber-hipokrit ke tak kan? it's like... daaaa..... obvious la sangat kan..

just recently, pengalaman tu menerjah kedalam hidup aku yang semakin hari semakin macam drama tv nie.... huh.. pelik je... orang yang ko dah kenal sepanjang hidop kau.. yang kau  mmg sumpah taw perangai die luar dalam, yang memang tak rajin dan tak pernah nak berbaik dengan kau tanpa kepentingan.. yang tak pernah nak layan kau dengan baik sebelum nie tetibe nak bermesra-mesra..berbaik-baik..bergesel-gesel dan bergentel-gentel dgn kau.. hish... imma like.. hish!! pehal kau nie! tetibe je! rimaslah aku!!! 

maksud aku.. aku tak ade masalah kalau kau nak berubah ke.. berhijrah ke.. please la ye.. teruskan.. tapi janganlah nampak sangat kehipokritan ko tu... nampak sangat ko nak sesuatu dari aku yang aku memang tak kan bagi.. so, don't even try la ye... just be yourself ok.. just the way you are.. the person who yelled and cursed at me... it's fine.. lantaklah.. i'm way more comfortable that way.. daripada kau bermuka manis dan bermesra-mesra yang memang jelas dengan keadaan tak ikhlas gini... hish! adoi.. scary la weyh... tolong ye... be yourself.. jadi diri sendiri... bukan aku tak tau macam mane ko mengumpat aku kat belakang macam mane... peh.. dah terbiase la... lali dah... i never cared before and i have no intention of caring about it right now...

tapikan.. kadang-kadang.. hipokrit tu perlu lah jugak...  i mean kalau dibuat dalam situasi yang betul dan mmg ade keperluan untuk bertukar menjadi hipokrit.. contohnye... kawan baik ko  tengah sedih sebab kne tinggal boipren dye over pompan yang lagi vogue daripada dye tanye.."ape kurangnye aku? aku lebih cantik dari pompuan tu,tapi kenapa die tinggalkan aku? cube ko bagitau aku....jujur je, aku tak kesah.." takkan lah kau nak jawab.. "aku bukan ape senah, it's like, daaa....obviouskan..memanglah die tu lagi lawa,hot dan bersopan santun daripade ko...kalau aku pon, aku tak fikir due tige kali pon nak break ngan ko ,senah.."  kalau camtulah ko jawab.. mmg kompem sarapan caci makian lah kau kan... mmglah dye cakap tak kesah.. tapi kalau kau manusia biase yang ade hati dan perasaan mestilah kau akan perah segale sel-sel kat otak kau tu untuk memberi jawapan selamat yang jujur tanpa mengguris hati dan perasaan dye kan...  

aku faham..and korang pon mesti fahamkan? kadang-kadang kite perlu berusaha sedaya upaya untuk sembunyikan ape sebenarnya perasaan atau pendapat kite demi menjaga hati orang .. itu tak pelah... nak wat cane kan.. bak kate omputih.. white lies, or kate orang melayu, tipu sunat.. tapi janganlah sampai obvious sangat dan berpura-pura baik dengan orang yang dah kompem tak sebulu dengan kau.. 

aku bukanlah baik sangat nak cakap orang..aku pon kadang-kadang hipokrit jgak.. tapi dengan orang-orang tertentu dan dengan sebab-sebab yang tertentu dan semase situasi-situasi tertentu.. ok.. 

so, people... beware of the danger in hypocrite people... mesti ade something wrong somewhere tu...ok..that's it..that's all about hypocrite... roger and out..

p/s: hobi baru merasuk diri... karaoke!!! hahaha.... 

with love,

Friday, June 17, 2011

i hate you! but i hate myself even more!

i got a problem..

aku mmg bodo. fine. aku taw... i ske jeles kat orang.. i mean sometimes its just absurd..

 i get jealous over her handbag.. over her dates.. over her friends.. i mean.. come on... how luckier can u be if u have a life like that...sometimes.. its just hurt so much to watch other people's happiness and wondering why her and not me???  damn! i need to change.. i have to change! no other choice.. but old habit dies hard.. huh...  aku kecewa dengan sikap aku sendiri... i keep complaining about life without appreciating what i have..  but i just cant help it sometimes... life suck! especially if u r me!!

with love,

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

breaking dawn trailer...







with lots and lots of sadness,

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

revenge is sweet....

ok.. remember dalam entry sebelum ni.. aku ade mention yang i'm good at writing.. not novel stuff.. just writing to express my feeling.. menulis untuk meluahkan perasaan yang bersarang dalam hati dan sanubari ini...cewah..... ayat..hahhaha... ok.. back tu kehebatan aku tadi.. aku just jumpe bukti kehebatan aku.. 

hahaha... well.. aku tgh kemas-kemas tadi.. bongkar dan buang segala bende2 lame yang dah tak pakai.. sebab bilik aku dah penuh sangat.. 

then.. tgh kemas2.. aku terjumpa diari lame aku...

 well more to note book la... hahahaha.. note book yang aku gnekan untuk lepaskan segale2nye selepas.. sort of break up with someone... buku tu adelah dalam 100 page.. and believe me y'all... it was full with stuff about me and him... i'm sad to think about how hurt i was back then.. dah tak ingat dah.. tapi bile bace semula tadi.. i was like... daymn... i was pretty messed up that time...and he should pay for my misery! revenge time!! hahahhhaaha...(ktawe setan) 

otak yang bermastautin didalam tengkorak kepale aku sedang ligat mengatur perancangan... plan terbaik untuk membalas dendam?? ape eh? rosakkan hubungan dye dgn gf dye skang?? xbest... biase sgt.... culik kucing bapak dye? dye tak de kucing... flirting with your best friend? sounds nice.. but no offence.. kwn ko tak ensem! hahahaha.. ape ek... adoi... tak dapat fikir langsong.. ape nie shepah!! come on la!! u used to be good at this...

selepas sejam............



xdew plan langsong... huh! xpela...malas plak aku nak pikir... malas plak nak balas balas nie.. memerlukan tenaga dan acting skill yang baik.. which i dont have.. hahahha.. so, imma let it go.. but i cant promise i'll never get back at you man! u should suffer... imma get you man!!

mood: psiko..

with hatred overflowing from my system,