Monday, May 28, 2012

breaking up? anyone?????



It’s been a long time isn’t it? Well.. what can u expect… I’ve been busy… doing what exactly?? Hahahaha… adelaa…  

 ok.. this time.. walaupon sumpah tak banyak mase.. aku still take time to write about this…Actually.. I was thinking about.. relationship..…ok.. first of all…when u think about falling in love…  

*muke bahagie... hehehe..

hmmmmmm………. Know what??  Xnaklah cakap pasal falling in love… xjadi2! 
This time.. nak cakap pasal breaking up… 

for the record, this is not about me ok! I’m still forever in love with my bf… EHEHEHEEHHE…. Ok.. I’m writing this.. because recently.. my friend was having a problem with her soon to be ex bf.. dah ex kot… not sure.. u see.. kadang2 aku tak faham.. ape yang buat susah sangat ntok break up with someone.. for me, if the relationship is not working.. if it only hurting you each and every day.. why don’t u just end it?? Love is suppose to make you happy.. love is suppose to make you feel appreciated, and the most important thing is, love is suppose to make you feel loved… don’t get me wrong.. I’m not an idiot.. I know.. kdang2. Once in a blue moon.. Kte mesti ade sdeyh jgak… gado ke…  but if it happened almost every time you see each other’s face.. WTH?? 

What is it that makes it so hard to break up with someone… first.. kerugian yang hanya melibatkan sebelah pihak… well ladies, if you get me.. this is about u.. about us.. sebab tu lah, dalam lagu pon ade cakap… “boleh pandang2, jangan pegang.. duduk renggang2.. bla.. bla.. bla.. biar malu2, biar segan2.. “ kan?? faham kan? this kind of things scared me the most.. if you’ve given too much to someone… you are the one who have to live with it.. dye mmglah tak rugi pape.. bkn luak pape pon.. yang rugi.. kite..  so.. please.. think before you do anything.. if once.. mungkin kite tersilap.. tapi bile da banyak kali.. it became a choose that.. so, ingat2lah sendiri…

Second one.. malu.. dah kehulu kehilir bersame2…  the whole world dah taw yang ko mmg madly in love dgn si polan tersebut.. mne nak letak muke kaw tetibe putus.. mstilah akan menjadi bahan umpatan dan subjek ntok gossip terhangat… malu.. sangat malu… yang nie.. aku tak taw cane nak elak.. nak suruh rahsiekan perhubungan… hmmm… ko igt ko sape?? Artis??  Just try not to be lovey dovey in front of others la… jangan nak bergentel2  sangat… biase2 dah.. nak mesra2.. simpanlah antara korang je.. xpyh tunjuk2 Kt dpn orang ye… coz when there’s a trouble in paradise…  huh… maluuuu….ape nak wat.. tebalkan jela muke…  bak kate Edward… “looks like, I just have to endure it”

Next one.. money… hmm.. this is the most complicated things among others… when It came to money.. anak branak pon boleh bergadoh… nie kan lagi couple2…  bukan nak berkire ke ape.. tapi.. hmmm.. duit kan.. ntahla.. I can’t think of any nice or polite way to explain this.. for me, if you don’t have anything good to say about someone or something… then, closed your mouth, lock it.. and throw the key to the other side of the world.. hehehe… so..  faham2 jelah sendiri… malas nak ckp.. kaw tersalah kang..  susah plak..

but all and all.. this is just me talking okeh... my own opinion... so, feel free to agree or disagree... hehehehe... I’ve got to go.. next time.. aku sambung balik pasal nie keyh.. sorry coz I can’t update my blog as often as usual.. but.. I’ll try.. bye..

p/s: gambar ditukar kepada gambar baby yg cute2 sebab kaw ltak gambar orang besar.. da jd haram dimate plak.. ehehehe...

 with love,


Tuesday, May 1, 2012

jumpe pon!

after all this years .. i'm glad i have finally found you... thnx for making me happy...

p/s: luv you! hehehe

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