Wednesday, August 17, 2011

perhatian kepada pemilik nama: IZATTY NURUL AMIRA BINTI SUHAIMI...

this entry is fully dedicated to my best friend Izatty Nurul Amira binti Suhaimi 
who just turned 20 recently..

izatty, thanx 4 being the coollest friend anyone could ever ask for.. i love you so damn much because u listen to me when others don't..  care for me when others just simply couldn't care less.. stay with me when others walked away.. and accepting me the way i am when others can't.. i can never thank u enough for putting up with all my stupid craps... thanx for willingly listen to me rambling and whining about life on the phone for hours in the middle of the night without complaining and actually sounds convincingly excited.. 
(i know i am extremely annoying)...

thanx for watching Transformers with me when i know that u really wanted to watch Harry Potter.. (see.. how selfish i am?) 
but still.. she loves me.. i know...

and you know what is the collest thing about izatty? 
(font merah menunjukkan betape seriusnye saye)

like seriously people...if i'm in Who Wants To Be A Millionaire she is the one i'm going to call with that lifeline..because she reads a lot.. she is the one who told me about every new events that happen in konoha.. hehehe.. she's a naruto freak! like the other day.. when we were watching Transformer.. seeing all those cars being blown up..
i'm like.." gile.. brape banyak kete michael bay letopkan la gaknye ek??" and just instantly, dengan muke selambe jawab..."lime ratus tige puluh due..(532).."and i'm like..."huhhh??"  but i'm not surprised... like i said, she knows everything.. hahaha..

 the other things that i love about her is that she never asked anything that i dont want to answer.. extremely understanding.. sangat understanding.. sampai bole paham ape yang aku cube cakap walaupon ayat aku serabot nak mamp... and so you know.. she is a very emotional girl.. if you dont know her.. you may think that i'm kidding.. but she cry easily.. just bukak cite hindustan dpn dye.. kompem.. meleleh2 bhai~~...xpyh hindustan la.. tgk sasuke pon boleh nangis... (T_T)"... 

hahaha...  and that is my izatty! love her the way she is.. 
she is a VVIP in my BFF list..

last but not least.. happy birthday izatty.. i hope u enjoyed every second of your amazing life. and just keep being yourself.. Please take a good care of yourself in UUM later.. If anything.. anthing ever happen or there is anything that you need.. let me know.. i'll do the best that i can to help... u deserved a happy vibrant life.. you belong in the world that is filled with joy... thanx for everything.... biu2... always have.. and always will... 

모든 주셔서 감사합니다 .. 당신이 사랑하는 누나!

same phone.. cool huh?

with love,